Shreenath Events
You only get married once. It is the most memorable event of your life, or at least it should be. For one time, you are under unshared limelight and the attention of your entire association is focused on you and your event.
Event management needs to be handled as professionally as any other operation. This entails working out a concept or theme, space planning décor, color scheme, floras arrangements, lighting design and creative cuisine.
It also includes massive amounts of manpower, logistic operations and infrastructure management.
SHREE NATH TENT & DECORATORS has been the pioneer in developing this association for conceptual design, space planning and its potential.
SHREE NATH TENT & DECORATORS is a sole proprietorship firm established in the year 1992 by Mr.Dharmesh Navlakha with a mission to be a pioneer in the industry.
We also got appreciation by Mrs.Hema Malini by Miraj Product Pvt.Ltd.
We are committed to provide quality & effective on-site catering & decoration services customized to suit the client needs. We continually work on researching & improving our services to serve our clients better. Strong customer focus, continual service improvement & regular follow up are our key success factors. Be it planning, coordination, thematic weddings, artiste managers, music, entertainment, floral décor, theme décor, props, sound, lighting, fabrics, photography, have all become an integral part of SHREE NATH TENT & DECORATORS.